Alex Smith, CEO, Regional Development Northern Rivers
"Cullen served as a Board member and Board Chair for an Australian-based company of which I was the CEO. The company went through a migration to the US market and Cullen was an invaluable strategic and tactical advisor throughout the process - providing common-sense guidance on various aspects of US market penetration. 

He has a sound understanding of Board dynamics and process and serves as a valuable CEO coach based on his experience working with a significant variety of companies in various industries. He displays an intuitive understanding of strategy in varying circumstances and has developed some methodologies that offered great value to the company as I observed during my tenure as CEO." 

Leni Miller, President and Founder, EA Search LLC
"I am a successful entrepreneur with 35 years of executive search experience. I have experienced the work of a a wide variety of consultants over my years as a business leader and owner. With unqualified enthusiasm, I recommend Cullen Coates in the role of high level Strategy Consultant. The unique strength of Cullen's work is his ability to inspire great vision as well as the execution of vision among those of us who love to vision and sometimes forget to organize the details of the great plan." 

Ian Bennett, CEO
"I have worked with Cullen for over nine years. Initially when I was the panel director, he served as a panelist on national review panels for small business innovation research supported by the National Science Foundation. He time and time again demonstrated reasonable judgment, care and due diligence. More recently as a member of the Board of Directors for a technology startup company, his participation and contributions to proper governance of the company could be relied on for being sound and wise. 

I have valued his counsel numerous times for his advice which stems from a rare understanding of corporate governance processes especially those cases that involve critical ethical issues. He always makes himself available; he works well with others and is able to diffuse difficult situations especially when personalities clash. His knowledge, experience and willingness to solve an issue will be greatly benefit the governance of a company through his participation as a member of the Board of Directors." 

Patricia DeLima, Program Manager, Lenovo
"Cullen is one of those rare professionals who goes above and beyond every single time to ensure he exceeds client expectations. 

His problem solving and critical thinking skills are second to none. Among his many strengths are his attention to detail, dependability, strong understanding of business processes and ability to manage problematic, complex issues with patience and tact. 

In addition, Cullen possesses remarkable interpersonal skills and a great work ethic making him an absolute delight to work with.”

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