Our Process

The Next Stage of Competitive Advantage
Whether you are looking to achieve Strategic Competitive Advantage through better strategy execution, or implementing more Effective Performance Management, or Managing Organizational Competencies, we have a variety of consulting processes and whitepapers specifically designed to help you reach that higher performance plateau. 

Learn how to embed aligned, trusted decision making processes throughout the organization. Knowledge worker productivity is The Next Stage of Competitive Advantage, and we can help you implement inexpensive, fast custom solutions to drive significant improvement in employee effectiveness. Download our whitepapers and brochures here.

How we are different

We bring a distinctive combination of professional operating experience, consulting services methodologies, and easy-to-use performance management software applications for managing strategy implementation. Our differences include:

  • Deep and wide operating experience combined with strong credentials in strategy development - most consultants provide only one or the other.
  • A different process that starts with developing a clear definition of the value you create for your constituents - customers, investors, employees, suppliers and partners.
  • Issues-driven planning - your strategy is based on what you must do, not just what you want to do. It’s driven by the issues you face, not just a collection of “good ideas”.
  • A focus on driving systemic, aligned and disciplined strategy execution. Following our process ensures consistent, exception-based management of strategy implementation.
  • Software applications for workgroup productivity. Using the QuickBase® rapid software development platform, we convert your implementation requirements into effective and affordable applications for information tracking and sharing within your team.    We offer these through our affiliated company Crystal Bay Solutions.

How you benefit

  • You create demonstrably greater value for your company and your constituents.
  • Your team achieves tight alignment around the critical competencies that drive higher performance.
  • Your team develops clear focus on your critical issues and strategic goals.
  • You significantly reduce your risk in the business by embedding disciplined, systemic strategy execution management and regular implementation review.
  • Your team understands the organizational competencies that are required to drive your success.
  • Your team learns how to allocate scarce resources using a strategic budget framework that ensures that you are not cutting into the muscle of your competitive advantage. Strategy-based  budgeting in difficult times gives you a leg up on your competition.

Our Values
We believe in creating partnerships with our clients that are built on:

  • Unruffled, thoughtful reactions to business challenges.
  • Exceptionally responsive service.
  • Originality.
  • Openness and honesty.
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